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Mr Halpin 2010 / '11

Welcome to this website which provides Leaving Certificate Economics students with a variety of resources which will assist them with the Economics course.

Chapter 3
'The Producer'
For summary notes on Chapter 3, please click HERE.
Chapter 5
For Summary notes, please click HERE.
Chapter 6
For Summary notes on Chapter 6, please click HERE
Chapter 7
For Summary notes on Chapter 7, please click HERE
Chapter 8
'Supply & Demand combined'
For Summary notes on Chapter 8, please click HERE
Chapter 9
For Summary notes on Chapter 9, please click HERE
Further Resources:
Assignment for Wednesday 24th November
'Compare and contrast the Perfect Competition and Monopoly market structures in realtion to:
  • Efficiency
  • Consumer benefit'

To assist with this assignment, please access the notes below by clicking them ...

Homework on Wednesday 24th November

5th Year

Access the notes on Chapters 3, 5, 6, 7, 8. Combined with your own classnotes, study these topics.

Access '' and try these questions from past Leaving Certificate Higher Level Paers .....

2010 Section B Q1 (all) and Q2 (a) (c)

2009 Section A Q2 and Section B Q1 (a) (b)

6th Year

2009 Section B Q5 and 6

*** There are quite a few technical terms within the homework. Please collude and find the meaning for such terms and use the book(s) to do the questions. Although revision, the questions are tricky and will certainly require study to answer them

*** Tomorrow night, we will revise more of the course and I will set 2 questions on International Trade for the following Wednesday. I just feel that the 2 questions above are certainly well worth doing today as a means of revision. Please bring exam papers tomorrow.

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