Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Economic Videos

Topic 1 - The collapse of the Irish Banking System
Collapse of Liehmans Bank in America. This a very good series of videos which explains how the collapse of Liehman Brothers Bank led to the Irish Government guaranteeing the Irish banks for €440 billion.
Click HERE for video 1
Click HERE for video 2
Click HERE for video 3
Click HERE for video 4
Click HERE for video 5
Click HERE for video 6
In total, these videos are approx 50 minutes in length but well worth viewing.

Setting up of NAMA and the Bank guarantee scheme. Click HERE. This very good overall and explains quite well where the banks went wrong (abandoning the Principle of 'Fractional Reserving' etc). Part 2 is HERE.

Irish Banking decline and in particular, Anglo Irish Bank. Click HERE

Topic 2 - The Celtic Tiger

Rise of The Celtic Tiger, reasons for its creation and the beginning of its collapse. Click HERE

November 2010 - antagonism among politicians. Click HERE

Cowen on tv funny. Click HERE

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